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You've reached the webpage for the Grants Pass High School Orchestra.  This page is designed as a resource for both students and visitors, as it includes not only classroom information, but information about upcoming concerts and events as well.

The GPHS Orchestras include over 80 string students and perform as two ensembles: Chamber Orchestra (auditioned) and Concert Orchestra.  Several students from both orchestras are additionally involved in the GPHS Symphony as well as other extra curricular musical opportunities.

To email me please with any questions, click on my name at the top.

Orchestra Upcoming Events for the Public!

Krispy Kreme Sale Saturday, February 1st!  Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts available at stands from 9am-2pm (or until gone!). Locations: Human Bean on F St. by Staples (those with vouchers please pick up here), Umpqua Bank across from Post Office downtown, and Walgreens.



Consider Sponsoring a Student!  The Orchestra is traveling to San Francisco this coming April.  Although we are fundraising, the cost will still be a challenge for families and every little bit helps. Please use the attached Individual Sponsorship form below to help a student meet their goal! 

Power Standards & Learning Targets: Orchestra
Performance Skills: (30% of grade)
• Perform on instrument both in class, on required recordings, & in performance settings
• Demonstrate good tone, proper technique, and musicality to enhance performance
Ensemble Skills: (30% of grade)
• Understand and demonstrate responsibilities as an ensemble member.
• Continuously work to refine tone, technique, and musicality
• Demonstrate adequate preparation as a contributing member of the ensemble
Music Literacy: (20% of grade)
• Demonstrate understanding of music notation appropriate to the level of performance
• Accurately define and apply selected musical terminology
• Sight-read, accurately and expressively, music at an appropriate level
Music Comprehension: (20% of grade)
• Apply knowledge and musical vocabulary to analyze the performance of self and others
• Discuss influence of style, historical context, & cultural implications within selected repertoire
• Respond to specific aspects of music and how they relate to genre and style

Grading Criteria:
Academic grades will reflect a student’s mastery of the subject’s knowledge and skills according to state standards. Extra credit will not be provided. This course is a 100% proficiency graded course. Students will be assessed in technique, knowledge, and the application of skill following a standard rubric.

Sample assignments for this course:
-Assessments of individual performance of class music, solos, & exercises both recorded & in class
-Assessments of ensemble skills in class
-Performance & ensemble skill work in required sectionals & occasional scheduled rehearsals
-Assessments of rhythm reading and notation sight-reading
-Accountability for practice with focus on improving approach & practice habits for efficiency & effectiveness
-Vocabulary & music theory work in class; occasional quizzes/tests
-Participation in class discussion with occasional connected written assignments
-Cultural Event reviews 
-Program notes or reviews of written or researched material
-Evaluations of self and others
-Semester examinations

District Grading Scale:
 A (5) Mastery
 B (4) Approaching Mastery
 C (3) Proficient 
 I Incomplete
 F Not proficient

At the end of the first semester, if a student is making adequate progress toward proficiency and utilizing resources available (determined by the teacher), they will be assigned an Incomplete (I) and will have 15 school days ** to demonstrate proficiency on missing/incomplete assessments. The “I” will become and “F” after this 15 day** window. Students may choose to improve their grades, per teacher approval, within the same 15 day**window. Students receiving an “I” in the second semester will need to have their proficiency demonstrated before the teacher leaves for the summer or within 10 days from the start of the first day of school the following year.

**Missed performance proficiency demonstration must occur within three (3) class meetings. Students must perform the repertoire from the missed performance for their peers to be assessed for proficiency.

Late Work or Missing Work: Students must complete assignments and submit them to the teacher as well as show evidence of consistent practice in order to demonstrate that they are working toward proficiency.
Reassessment: Students may be given opportunities to retake assessments they fail, or wish to retake, in order to demonstrate proficiency, provided that they are making adequate progress (including consistent practice) toward proficiency.


1.Small, three-ring binder with pocket OR a comparable folder for music & assignments
2. High Tech for Strings by Doris Gazda for your specific instrument. Please purchase it locally from Larry’s Music or Great Northwest Music Co.
3.A pencil with an eraser.
4.Your instrument with a NAME TAG ON CASE.
5.Shoulder rest or End-pin strap.
6.Mute, Rosin, Cleaning Cloth
7.Cellos/Basses: Pencil bag for end-pin stop, mute, rosin, cleaning cloth – keep in locker
8.Optional: Extra set of strings
Note: All students should be using Thomastik Dominant, Pirastro Tonica, or strings of equal quality (recommend Jargar for cello). Please see Mrs. Boldon if you have any questions.